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Trend Update: Vimeo Launches Dedicated Home Page for Vimeo on Demand

Following in the footsteps of YouTube, on March 12, Vimeo announced a new pay per view/membership model for content on their website, called Vimeo on Demand. For both companies, this model comes over a year after the introduction of's own on-demand platform - welcome to the game, Vimeo! The platform will give all Vimeo Pro users the ability to upload content and place it behind a paywall, as well as procure a generous 90% of the revenue generated by their content.

vimeoContent on Vimeo's new on-demand platform heavily favors creatives and filmmakers, and each film has a trailer that can be viewed prior to purchase. This model is similar to's use of conference/lecture highlights and preview reels, but catered to a different audience.

Now, over one month after this introduction, Vimeo has recently introduced a redesign of its Vimeo on Demand page. The new, dedicated page, comes after the company announced satisfaction with the growth of its Vimeo on Demand subscribers. VP of Creative Content Blake Whitman announced that "hundreds of VOD works have been uploaded, thousands of purchases made, and a whole bunch of creators have received funds to pour into their next work." This new page features improved navigation, organizing of content by genre, and a curation process entitled "Vimeo Selects."

This model is important because it advances the trend towards an editorialized, monetized, platform to consume professional quality video. With the arrival of paid subscriptions to YouTube’s best content, we are witnessing the beginnings of what could be a revolutionary pivot in online video. With pay per view platforms from websites like, YouTube, Hulu, and now Vimeo, the rise of this model of online video is rapid, unprecedented, and inevitable.


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