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Mar 06

New Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors make events possible, and it's increasingly important to exceed their expectations and maximize the value of their investment in measurable ways. In 2015, sponsors are demanding more than traditional placements at events and one way to...

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Jun 20

Death of the Swag Bag; The Rise of Virtual Swag

The swag bag is a conference and event staple. Sponsors have long clamored for the chance to contribute a t-shirt, pen, special offer or some other branded tchotchke (the swag) to a tote or sack (the bag), which then is gifted to every attendee.

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May 07

Video Sponsorships Are Here to Stay

As every event organizer knows, the world of conferences and events has changed dramatically with the rise of the internet as a marketing and commerce tool. This is especially true of online video. 

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