Video Sponsorships Are Here to Stay

Posted by Andrew Edwards on May 7, 2013 2:15:27 PM

As every event organizer knows, the world of conferences and events has changed dramatically with the rise of the internet as a marketing and commerce tool. This is especially true of online video. 

In a traditional conference, you may strike a deal with sponsors, whose brand is then displayed physically – whether etched on wine glasses, on stage, or on promotional materials. But as with any traditional event, these materials are only relevant for the duration of the conference itself, and after the conclusion of your event, your sponsor’s brand may fade from your audience’s memory. Fortunately for your sponsors, this isn't the case with your event’s online video.

video sponsorshipOne of the benefits of videotaping and posting your event video online is the ability to offer a longer lasting, if not indelible sponsorship opportunity.'s approach to sponsorships provides additional touchpoints and increases the value of your sponsors' messaging. For instance, your event page on as well as the pages containing where your videos are viewed become a platform on which you can create a highly valuable, customizable branding experience for your sponsors. Moreover, as your event videos are shared across the web on blogs and social media, your sponsors' messaging "travels" with them, reaching a self-selecting audience targeted by interest , not by geography or time zone.

There are many options for sponsorship on a webpage and video, and the scope depends largely on the package you are selling. Here are some popular placements, with examples below:

  • Logo placement on event branding: The sponsor’s logo is incorporated into your event’s branding on - “This video is brought to you by ACME.” This type of branding can be incorporated into the large banner on the event page, the smaller banners on the video player pages and even the slates that run inside the video.

  • Banner ads: Traditional banner ads can run at the top of the webpage, and can link back to the sponsor’s website.

  • Pre-roll advertisements: Your sponsor’s video advertisement (typically 15 seconds in length) can be played at the start of every video from your event. This way, your sponsors' messages reach your audience no matter where on the web your event videos are viewed.

  • Lead generation: A simple form that collects the names and email addresses of online viewers before a video starts translates into a list of potential customers for your sponsors.

Essentially, since your video will live online as long as you so desire, sponsorship branding can be permanently married to the video or the video page. This way, your online viewers are always made aware of your sponsor’s presence every time they watch video from your event, or navigates to your event page. The sponsor then becomes a fixed part of your event as long as it exists virtually, meaning that the shelf life and longevity of this type of branding trumps the temporary nature of physical, traditional branding. Not only is the sponsorship fixed to the video, it's also as mobile. Video sponsorships can travel just like the video itself does - your sponsorship branding will travel the web as your video gets shared across multiple websites.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, online branding offers more opportunity to increase your revenues. Imagine a scenario where you sell sponsorships to one brand for your in-person conference, and another brand for your web page. Both sponsorships serve to help generate revenue and make online video entirely worthwhile. For more information, feel free to reach out to

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