How to Live Stream Successfully: A Checklist for Event Organizers

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Feb 16, 2018 1:17:25 PM

“I’ve never had issues with my live streaming equipment, personnel or production” said no one ever! It might be more honest to say that Murphy’s law is to live streaming, as leaves changing colors is to Autumn. Regardless of whether you are coordinating a live streamed event for the first time or you have done it a few times before - there always seems to be something that goes wrong and needs to be attended to on the fly.

Software needs to be updated, a piece of equipment mysteriously breaks, or a stream is cut off because a social platform flagged your content for some reason. Although you cannot prevent every misfortune, you can be better prepared for what is involved in executing a successful live stream by simply following a checklist.

By using a “live stream essentials checklist” you can:

  • live streaming checklistPrepare ahead of time to prevent a potential disaster from occurring during your live stream. 
  • Make sure your team is aware of all the components involved in a live streamed event, beforehand.
  • Follow a consistent schedule that will keep you on track for a successful execution.
  • Avoid scrambling for something last minute by having a list of necessities early.
  • Acquire new concepts you may not have thought about for pre, during or post event.
  • Figure out how to implement something new, that you thought you could not do.

Whether you are in marketing, IT, events, or communications, this checklist will help you prepare, as well as have a clearer picture of everything needed to execute a successful live stream.

This checklist can be used for event planning and A/V setup, but is mainly focused on a professional live stream of an event. For example, a conference, company town hall, red carpet or corporate event. We cover pre-event planning, pre-production, marketing, social, testing, technical, equipment and post-production. Click the link below to download the full checklist now for simple and “to the point” guide for you to use as you prepare and execute a live stream for an event. Or check out other blog posts for more tips to successfully live stream your next event.

Download Guide Now

Looking to get started with live streaming your event? Check out our "Guide to Professionally Live Stream Events: The Basics to Best Practices" for information for marketing novices to seasoned event organizers, to help plan and execute a successful a live video production. 

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