How we used Live + Social Video to elevate Brightcove's PLAY

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Jun 18, 2018 5:13:11 PM

PLAY 2018 is thee conference for brands looking to grow their business using video. This past May, industry leaders from Silicon Valley to Mongolia assembled to talk all things video. Digital media experts joined Brightcove’s partners and customers to participate in tech demos, learn best practices, network, and attend sessions that ranged from trending topics to improving your brands’ video marketing.

brightcove play 2018 participated in several aspects of leveraging video for the conference. Initially, during the first morning's keynote we used live clipping to push out live video content to all Brightcove’s social channels. The keynote featured Brightcove’s new CEO, customer success stories, product demos, new areas of investment, what’s on the road map for next year, and more!

Video highlights went out live, as the action was happening, and encouraged viewers to check out the remainder of the live stream, share content and follow the conversation via #PLAY2018. Within a couple hours, we ended up with 15 live clips of the keynote on Facebook and Twitter and several clips of product demos to be used for promotions later.

The next day we presented a session: The Dynamic Duo: Live and Social, with two members of Brightcove's Digital Marketing Business Unit: Lauren Barry, Product Marketing Manager and Erik Ducker, Director of Technology Partnerships. We took attendees behind the scenes and walked them through what we did the day prior with Brightcove Video Cloud's live clipping tool, and how we brought Monday morning’s keynote to thousands of more viewers, via live + social.

keynote clipping live stream

Most notably and coincidentally, a live tweet that quoted MongolTV’s Vice President saying, “ has given us the opportunity to reach these audiences wherever they may be,” did just that! The live clip on Twitter resulted in over 30x views (compared to typical video posts) in just the first day, with a large portion of viewers coming all the way from Mongolia. “This demonstrates the power of Live and Social when done right,” said Lauren. “Give viewers the content they want, where they want it.”

The session then turned into a fireside chat with our President and Director of Production Services, Bob Appel, who has over 30 years experience helping brands develop live event video strategies. His opening advice was to treat your live events as a funnel of engagement by leveraging your social channels to drive viewers back to your event landing page where you have ultimate control of the experience. By doing this, viewers can engage with the full brand experience.

twitter post to brightcove gallery page

Next topic of discussion was why it is important to implement a blended distribution strategy for a live stream. Core points from the chat included:

  • Brands already have built-in audiences on these channels so reach your audience where they are already by multi-channel live streaming.  
  • Approach your event with big picture thinking and take advantage of social’s large ecosystem of platforms and audiences to drive exponential reach.
  • If you think success looks like just getting your stream online is mission accomplished, then you don’t understand the power of live video.

Finally, Erik and Bob discussed how to maximize opportunity for live streamed events using social by (1) defining and setting goals upfront, (2) pre-event communication to make sure all teams are on the same page, (3) during-event execution with back up plans and redundancy, and (4) post-event ROI and a plan for follow-up. The main point was a live stream is an interactive, everlasting fluid event and event marketers should be promoting content and the live event all the time.

bob and erik live and social presentation

The session wrapped up with how Brightcove & collaborated to make Monday’s keynote a success. asked what our goals were first, and from there we created a strategy for the live clipping,” said Erik. “We shared the script of the keynote with them and they asked what were the most important messages to convey. From there, we planned it out and got all the necessary approvals ahead of time to ensure a smooth during-event execution.” Then Lauren concluded the session with a demo of how to use Brightcove's live clipping tool.

The final component of video we carried out for the conference was creating videos of PLAY attendees answering questions such as “How do you use video to reach your business goals?” and “Why should someone come to PLAY next year?” We conducted 16 interviews during the event, performed quick turn-around editing and posted the content to social media the same day. Additionally, the interview videos were used to promote post-event and re-purposed for content marketing and mini reels.

play interview with attendees

This just goes to show how much can be done with video and live streaming for an event, and how marketers can successfully take advantage of pre, during and post promotion. Over 40 additional pieces of content for viewers to engage with were created in a period of two days! 

If you are interested in learning how to take your live events to the next level and maximize your brand’s value, check out our "Guide to Professionally Live Stream Events: The Basics to Best Practices" or contact us anytime.

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