Live Streaming Lesson 3: Overcoming Common Challenges

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Aug 3, 2018 2:22:18 PM

In this Live Streaming Lesson, we cover: What are the common challenges associated with live streaming and advice on how to overcome them.

The most prevalent challenge with live streaming, that we see time and time again, is the venue not having enough bandwidth. Bandwidth is one of the most overlooked necessities for live streaming. Not having enough bandwidth will affect the quality of the live stream or worse: could cause it to fail.

In addition, your internet must stable, ample and wired, with a dedicated internet upload speed of 10Mbps. Meaning your bandwidth should be separate from any bandwidth onsite teams and attendees will be using. Video data packets are huge and sharing bandwidth will compromise stream stability.

Keep in mind, there are some venues that charge antiquated fees related to bandwidth, which could be thousands of dollars more. Be prepared and triple check the bandwidth requirements - maybe even give yourself a buffer. To save money and headaches, there also are options to use a technology like Blast, that can take your stream to several points with only one HD stream and no extra bandwidth.

Another common challenge is having backups and redundancies in place, ahead of time. Things can and probably will go not as smooth as you'd like. So if you’re in a more remote area or can’t be down, you may want to consider a bonded hotspot like NetSafe. More often than not, streaming services don’t plan enough for all the things that can go wrong. 

Finally, to overcome the common challenge of working with many different teams (ie working with a production company, a different company for the live streaming management and IT and marketing divisions) be sure to communicate! The obstacle is getting everyone on the same page and integrating all the pieces to deliver the full vision. Have pre-production calls with all teams to get everyone on the same page ahead of time. Interface with your point of contact for IT on site to make sure internet is solid, have sure all marketing and event divisions know what the end goal is and what they are responsible for.

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