Live Streaming Lesson 5: How to Make Live More Engaging

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Aug 3, 2018 2:26:47 PM

In this Live Streaming Lesson, we cover: How you can make live stream events more engaging.

They are many ways to make your live stream more interactive for your online audience. One way to keep your viewers engaged is to incorporate additional elements, either by layering these into the actual feed or on a landing page where you are hosting the stream. These elements could include live chatting and commentary, where an online viewer could ask a question that a speaker answers in real time. Having a moderator who interacts with the live chat feed will encourage online attendees to be more active and more likely to include their input.

Other engagement tactics are polls, live Q&A sessions, and using an event hashtag for people to follow the conversation. Creating exclusive content that is only available virtually is a fun way to draw more people in. Such as giving backstage access or having a celebrity interact with the live audience.

It’s also an ingenious idea to create digestible highlights on social to drive viewers to your event page. Capture your best moments and create alluring clips to entice more viewers to want to get in on the action. Use a tool like Boost to take advantage of the power of virality and get the best snippets of your event on social while you are live. You can even target a specific audience to serve the posts to interested viewers and prospects.

The goal is to make your live stream viewers feel like they are part of the event. One way to achieve this is to provide an option that allows online attendees to choose what they want to watch. Instead of being limited to the keynote, you can use a tool like Flip, where the viewer can choose to flip between different rooms or concurrent sessions.

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