Live Streaming Lesson 6: Improving Your Next Live Event

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Aug 3, 2018 2:29:08 PM

In this final Live Streaming Lesson, we answer the question: "How can you keep improving on your future live events?"

In order to improve upon live streamed events, it’s necessary to analyze the results, processes, people and technology involved. Look for ways to get rid of unnecessary double work by identifying where procedures overlap. Explore new processes or technology that will make life easier and don’t forget to calculate the cost of your time spent, into the equation.

Learn things you can do better next time by asking what worked and what didn’t? Carry out post event analysis with all stakeholders and teams involved. Solicit feedback from everyone involved to recognize where there are areas for advancement. In our experience, we usually find that the communication process always has room for improvement. Getting everyone on the same page, not enough communication or over-communication are the usual culprits – working on getting this right will vastly improve your next live event.

Finally, examine if your end-goals, that were set from the start of planning, were met. (If you didn’t have goals, then start with that next time so you can measure improvement over time.) Study your results and then eliminate unnecessary elements and get creative with improving metrics important to you. Build your funnel out and detect what steps must be taken to reach the end of the funnel – is there a way to make it easier for the user?

To improve metrics for your next live event, dig into what is significant to your brand. Is it quality, number of leads, brand awareness, return on investment, or number of attendees? Set clear objectives and measure success for you. If ROI is important to you, then consider selling sponsorships and including calls-to-action for your next event. If viewership is critical, then live stream to all your social channels, rather than just one destination. If engagement is a priority, then incorporate chatting widgets to keep online viewers involved. There are always new features and services bubbling up, so stay abreast of the latest and greatest.

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