Live Streaming Lesson 4: How Are Real Companies Successfully Using Live Streaming?

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Aug 3, 2018 2:24:20 PM

In this Live Streaming Lesson, we answer the question: "How are real companies successfully using live streaming for their internal communication and B2B marketing?"

Live streaming has the power to convey messages faster, engage viewers and reach an exponentially wider audience. Below are some actual use cases where companies have used professional live streaming to reach more employees, customers and prospects for maximum business impact.

Internal communications: We have seen more and more businesses choosing to live stream corporate communications such as annual townhalls, product launches and CEO announcements. Live streaming can help cut back costs associated with travel expenses, lodging, and time spent away from the office for employees.

At the same time, you are still able to have the sense of community and instantaneous feedback that wouldn’t be there if an on-demand video were to be sent out instead. You can plan an amazing production, put a face to the CEO, engage and interact with your team no matter where people are located globally. You can even switch between remote offices, password protect your stream or track viewers if you need to.

Smithfield Foods has 50,000 employees across the world and used live streaming to ensure the messaging and the vision of the executive team was trickling down to their large employee base. Instead of sending an email, or an on-demand video, they host a quarterly live townhall that employees can tune into and they know it’s important to listen in because this is thee company event of the year. The immediacy of live encourages everyone to participate and allows isolated teams to share information and work together like they are in the same room. 


B2B marketing: Companies are using live streaming to engage prospects and customers by getting information out, teaching, answering questions and showing that they care. Live video also allows brands to engage with viewers in a more relatable and authentic way.

Let’s look at a real-life example of how one of our customers successfully used live streaming for B2B marketing and the strategy they employed. Oracle Modern Marketing Experience used an “event in a box” approach where they used utilized Brightcove’s integrated video platform. They had a landing page that had a pre and post instance (in addition to live). They were able to track viewers and viewership. Afterwards, they broke up their live video into chapters for further analytics on the engagement.

B2B marketing is about measuring engagement and making sure you learn about what your viewers care about. This same goes for live and it should be treated like any other campaigns: measured, tied to business outcomes, and have a plan to bring people into your funnel. You don’t know when someone will convert so use your live stream to draw viewers back to your brand.

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