20 Ways to Increase Your Live Stream Views

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Feb 16, 2018 1:39:10 PM

Are you looking for ways to grow the amount of views you get on your live stream event? Here are 20 ways to grow your viewer numbers. Using these simple tips and techniques will expand your online audience to your next live event.

  1. Live stream to more than one destination. Use a service like FORA.tv Blast to extend your reach by live broadcasting to all your social channels and websites at the same time. Meet potential viewers where they already are on social media. This will also make it more likely that they will watch and share your content with their followers and friends to garner more views.
  1. Have a central destination for your live stream to live. This will make it easy for people to save this URL for the event day, instead of having to search for it through social feeds. We use Brightcove Gallery pages that are customizable for pre-event, during the event and post-event. There is also a Twitter feed and chat on the same page as the live video, making engaging and sharing easy.
  1. Live stream other sessions besides just the keynote. Make your live stream viewers feel like they are part of the in-person action by using a service like FORA.tv Flip, where the viewer can choose what they want to watch and flip between different rooms or concurrent sessions. Why only stream keynotes at a conference, when you can show so much more?
  1. Do the marketing upfront to promote your event. Live stream views are mostly dependent on promotional efforts. Make sure potential viewers know about the event. Promote early and often. Think about where the stream can attract the most viewers.
  1. Offer exclusive content to live viewers such as behind the scenes access with celebrities. Allow a special one on one Q&A session with your online viewers so they know they are part of the action too. Engage with the people commenting in your chat section and ask them what they want to see. Adjust on the fly to give the live audience what they want.
  1. Create a hashtag for your event to follow what people are saying and to consolidate conversations to a single Twitter feed. See what is getting people excited and posting pictures. Retweet fans using the hashtag. Put the hashtag your live stream page or description so viewers know what it is. 
  1. Announce when you are going live on social. Marketing Solved says, “If you have a huge fan base, make sure you always announce when you are going to broadcast live. This is a great way to build anticipation and a way to reach more people.”
  1. Break up a full day event into smaller sessions online. Rather than risking having awkward moments where nothing is happening in between sessions, create an online agenda and have several 30-60 minute streams, rather than one long 4-hour stream. This also lets viewers pick and choose what they prefer to watch, rather than dropping off because they are not getting to view the content they want to, when they tune in.
  1. Add the event to your email signature. Entrepreneur says, “How many emails do you send out a day? Think about the promotional power of your email signature. Temporarily change it to include the graphic you’re using to promote your live event, or add a link from your signature to your event page.”
  1. Make it easy and convenient to find. The last thing you want is your audience getting frustrated by having to do extra work looking for your stream. Or worse, having the intention to view it, but never finding it. Promote the location viewers can watch it, pin it to the top of your social, and create a custom, easy to remember URL for your landing page.
  1. Create and share teaser content, such as a sizzle reel. Make a video of interviews with speakers and what they are excited to see at the event. Create highlights of engaging moments or takeways from last year’s event.
  1. Start on time! Being on time is important as there is reportedly a significant drop offin terms of viewerswhen shows don't begin on time. Be prepared at least 10 minutes before your scheduled start time to ensure viewers who arrive right on time will not drop off because there is a blank screen.
  1. Stream to speakers’ and influencers’ pages. Find influencers on the topic of your event to see if they would be interested in embedding the live stream on their website or blog. Also, ask speakers and sponsors of the event to embed the live stream to get more viewers or fans who may not have heard of the event through your outreach, and are interested in watching their favorite personality.
  1. Offer VOD to continually increase views. People cannot attend the live stream because of scheduling conflicts, or for whatever reason, but still may be interested in watching your event. Offering the video on demand allows those interested in your content to still have a chance see what they missed.
  1. Use slates before starting and in between breaks. Nobody wants to stare at blank screen or watch those awkward moments of people walking around, not knowing they're on camera in between speakers. To keep viewers watching, be sure to let them know what is going on by having an image that says something like “next session starting at 5:15” or a countdown clock.
  1. Write a thorough and engaging description. The Sales Lion says, “Having a good description in your promotional materials, live broadcast post, and the recording solves two problems: 1. Potential viewers know what to expect from your live stream and 2. Newcomers during the video will be able to jump in without confusion.”
  1. Stream live to Facebook if you aren’t already to take advantage of ranking higher in the news feed. Facebook gives priority to video in the news feed, and live video ranks even higher. Additionally, people spend triple the amount of time watching a video when it’s live.
  1. Create awareness through messaging your list. Use Messenger, text and/or email and be sure to include a calendar invite and specific instructions and details on how to get to the live stream on the day of the show. Get people excited about it by including speaker’s information and why they should attend. Include a reminder sign-up and share buttons.

  2. Have somebody monitoring social media answer online viewer concerns immediately or gather questions for a moderator to ask in one session. Use extra staff to cut live bite-size highlights of the live stream to promote on social or use a service like FORA.tv Boost for this.
  1. Provide something of value to your audience. This can take many forms such as a future discount code, a giveaway, a content offer, a celebrity one on one, a chance to be entered into a drawing. Give viewers an incentive to attend - the possibilities are endless.

Download a printable infographic with these tips here!


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