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Great Keynote Speakers Make Memorable Events

Who gives the best keynote address?

top 10 keynote speakers conferenceAt, it's a question we get asked all the time -- by conference and event organizers. Great keynote speakers are those who boldly combine their passion and knowledge to address thorny, big idea topics, and consistently wow us with arresting, new insights. As every event organizer knows, a terrific keynote transforms an ordinary event into a memorable experience for their attendees and their online audiences alike.

Our Top 10 Keynote Speakers manifest this ideal. From Adam Savage tackling the essence of human curiosity, to Hillary Rodham Clinton proposing a new model for diplomacy, to Atul Gawande describing the surprising benefits of making errors, these speakers reveal how an exceptional keynote address can transform an event from good to great.

Our list serves as an inspirational guide for conference and event organizers seeking to pack the house, create buzz, and delight sponsors. And for our online viewers, these 10 talks serve as a leaping off point for discovery and further exploration of, home to nearly 15,000 videos on the people, issues and ideas changing the world.

Introducing the first annual Top 10 Keynote Speakers Series:
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Hillary Rodham Clinton Jane McGonigal
Tim Ferris Gavin Newsom
Atul Gawande Adam Savage
Malcolm Gladwell Sebastian Thrun
Paul Krugman Simon Winchester


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