Facebook Live: The Future of Events?

Posted by Liam Curley on Jun 13, 2016 4:46:35 PM

Facebook Live, a powerful way for users to share live video, has emerged as one of the biggest social media trends for events and conferences. Facebook launched  this exciting feature to compete with apps such as Meerkat that are making live streaming anytime, anywhere easier. Brands are going live to connect and interact with followers all over the world - and to attract new advertisers and sponsors.

This focus on authentic, real-time experiences makes Facebook Live perfect for any event and conference organizer and marketer. There's a range of possibilities: broadcast a keynote,  interviews, or go behind-the-scenes. Facebook Live  doesn't even have to be live – it's possible to replay pre-recorded content and draw in more attention.

One of our partners  Intelligence Squared U.S., a popular debate series and NPR podcast, tried out Facebook Live for a recent  event at the National Constitution Center. The results were outstanding: The live stream generated nearly 400,000 impressions on Facebook, racking up thousands of views, engagements, shares and live reactions during the event.

facebook live intelligence squared

Intelligence Squared wasn't just shooting the debate from a mobile device.  They used the  Facebook Live API to stream directly from our professional, multi-camera setups and incorporated live graphics.  This ensured a premium live experience for viewers that would also work once the content moved on-demand.

Intelligence Squared was already reaching a bigger audience, using FORA.tv's social video marketing strategy Boost to bring their debates to  the next level. Facebook Live was the next step.

We'd love to hear from you: What are some creative ways Facebook Live or other live video platforms are being used to promote events? How can these services be improved or expanded? Is live video worth the effort, a good fit for every brand, or just a trend? Tweet us at @foratv

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