Event Video: Keep Your Attendees Coming Back for More

Posted by Bob Appel on Jun 19, 2013 2:48:10 PM

Who benefits from the online video of your event? The most common answer: Individuals that cannot attend the event in person because of a scheduling conflict or geography.

But there’s another, often overlooked group that also benefits: The actual attendees of your event. These attendees are often traveling hundreds of miles and paying a good chunk of money to attend your event in person. Online video can make your event even more valuable to these individuals, and increase the chances that they’ll return next year.

Vulture festival event audience

Here are a few scenarios where videotaping your event can benefit your attendees:

  • Missed sessions: Maybe an attendee couldn’t pass up an invitation to network with a colleague over coffee, or had to join a conference call. Making all sessions available after the event for on-demand viewing ensures that your attendees get the full value of their conference pass.

  • Multiple tracks: Many attendees review the agenda and earmark the sessions they want to watch before the event. But what if two of the desired sessions are scheduled for the same time? What to do? With video, attendees don’t have to choose one session or track over the other. They can attend one session in person, and watch the other after the event, on your website.

  • Sharing knowledge: When attendees have a great conference experience, they can’t wait to get back to their companies and share their new insights and learnings with their colleagues. Video allows your attendees to easily share their experiences with their co-workers, and to show them what they otherwise would have missed.

Event organizers that focus on serving the needs of their attendees and delivering a top-flight event experience will keep them coming back for more, year after year. Online video is a powerful tool to accomplish this.

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