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Oct 28

Profits Rise for Conferences and Events (From NYT)

Profits for conferences and events are on the rise, and many media companies are now getting into the often lucrative events business according to an article in today's New York Times. Evidence for the popularity of media company produced events:...

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Sep 10

Leveraging "Nichefication" with your Video Platform

You may have heard the term before: “Nichefication.”

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Aug 11

Great Keynote Speakers Make Memorable Events

Who gives the best keynote address?

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Jun 19

Event Video: Keep Your Attendees Coming Back for More

Who benefits from the online video of your event? The most common answer: Individuals that cannot attend the event in person because of a scheduling conflict or geography.

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Jun 11

Professional Post Production

So you've recorded all the video of your event, and your brother-in-law has some video editing software that just might be able to edit your footage? Don’t be fooled – proper post production is much more involved and complicated than it may...

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May 28

Razzle Dazzle ‘Em - Pull in viewers with video previews and sizzle reels

Imagine that you are heading to the movie theater tonight with a group of friends, and you have been tasked with choosing the film to see. I would bet that your decision process will rely on watching the trailers of the movies playing in that...

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May 14

Divide and Conquer: How Chapters Benefit Your Event Video

Say you are at a bookstore, looking for a book on general home improvement. Are you more likely to buy the book that is 500 pages and has no chapters or table of contents, or the book that is 500 pages and has a detailed table of contents that...

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Apr 28

Trend Update: Vimeo Launches Dedicated Home Page for Vimeo on Demand

Following in the footsteps of YouTube, on March 12, Vimeo announced a new pay per view/membership model for content on their website, called Vimeo on Demand. For both companies, this model comes over a year after the introduction of's own...

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Apr 12

Lights, Camera(s), Action: The Right Camera Setup for Your Event

When I Love Lucy came on the air in 1951, most television series were shot using the single-camera format on a sound stage in multiple takes, with a laugh track added in later. However, Desi Arnaz knew that his wife Lucy was a big presence that...

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