360° Video: Create Content Viewers Can Immerse Themselves In

Posted by Jaclyn Martinez on Apr 24, 2017 2:36:54 PM

360° video is the latest innovative marketing tool to add to your event and digital marketing strategy, as virtual reality is becoming more accessible to the masses. Companies are realizing the value of this highly immersive tool, as a new way to create content and interact with their viewers.

360° video allows you to create an experience for your audience. Using a virtual reality viewing device like a VR headset or Google cardboard, the viewer is immersed in the content and as a part of the action. Or when viewed simply on a mobile device, the viewer can move around and look at all viewpoints of the environment.  Being a part of an event in San Francisco from your couch in Portland, is as easy as a clicking a mouse or swiping a mobile screen.

360 camera

The ease of use makes 360° video perfect for event organizers and marketers, looking to get increase reach and engagement. Whether you’re promoting a product demo, a virtual tour, or interactive on-stage action, 360° video allows your audience to fully engage with your content. Not only does this give your audience a more stimulating and interactive experience – it can also make your brand more memorable and cutting edge. See how other brands are using 360° video and what you can learn from them.

Based on the increasing use of 360° video, it’s safe to assume that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. As this technology becomes more familiar, it is proving to be a must for company’s marketing, social media, advertising and events strategies.

FORA.tv can help you use 360° technology to give your audience an unforgettable experience. We use the latest technology to give you seamless, synced, high-quality video and the capability to 360° live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Periscope. In addition, your 360° live streamed content will immediately become available for on demand viewing, extended the life of your content. Give your viewers something to remember with 360° video.

Looking to get started with live streaming your event? Check out our "Guide to Professionally Live Stream Events: The Basics to Best Practices" for information for marketing novices to seasoned event organizers, to help plan and execute a successful a live video production.

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