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May 17

The Controversial Talk That “TED Won’t Show You”

You’d expect a poor person to say: When the rich take credit for creating jobs, they are like “squirrels taking credit for evolution.” But, in fact, it’s out of the mouth of venture capitalist Nick Hanauer, who was an early investor in Amazon and is a rich, very rich man. In March he gave a …

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Mar 09

Spinning Beach Balls of Death and the Eye of the Universe

It’s finally Friday, so let’s have a little video fun. We see a lot of conferences and event programs here at FORA.tv, and we’ve seen our share of technically challenged lecturers, but nothing quite like this: Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is one of FORA.tv’s most popular speakers. Here’s what he had to say when Time …

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