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Apr 14

This Week on FORA.tv: Marijuana 101, Mighty Makers, and More

This week on FORA.tv: Marijuana 101, mighty makers, and life beyond bars. Read all about it below. FORA.tv Studios presents Marijuana 101: Lesson From Oaksterdam: a one-on-one interview with Michael Montgomery, reporter at The Center for Investigative Reporting, and Dale Sky Jones, president of Oaksterdam University. Find out how the school plans to legitimize the …

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Apr 07

This Week on FORA.tv: The Next Greatest Generation, Debunking iPhone Myths, and More

This week on FORA.tv: Obama lights up marijuana politics, millenials put up or shut up, and the iPhone gets debunked. Mark your calendars and read the roundup below. Week to Week is the political roundtable series from The Commonwealth Club of California reviewing the week’s news — local, national, and international — to give you …

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Apr 01

This Week on FORA.tv: Falling in Love With America (Again), MOOCs vs Books, and More

This week on FORA.tv: Falling in love with America (again), MOOCs vs. books, getting schooled in sculptures,  and award-winning workplaces. Here’s the rundown: Former South Carolina Senator and current President of the Heritage Foundation Jim DeMint latest book Falling in Love with America Again-a collection of proposed solutions to overcome obstacles in health care and education-not …

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Dec 28

Top 10 FORA.tv Videos of 2013: #7 – How Americans Feel About Spying and Big Data Collection

In what was perceived as a defiant statement during an interview last week, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden described the significance of the documents he exposed that detailed the government’s domestic spying program.  “For me, in terms of personal satisfaction, the mission’s already accomplished. I already won.” He added, “But I didn’t want to change society. I …

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Dec 02

This Week on FORA.tv: Economic Liberty, Vermeer’s Masterpiece, Go Vegan, Stories of Success, Millenials in America

After a quick break for the Thanksgiving holiday, we kick off December with a schedule of programming designed to engage conversation on topics such as the rise of the “Millennial” generation and the impact of Vermeer’s masterpiece. Join us this week on FORA.tv. Governor Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana, has been outspoken in …

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Nov 18

This Week on FORA.tv: Terrorism Risk, Spying Ethics, Gov. Scott Walker, Curing AIDS, the Data Overthrow

A wealth of programs on politics, healthcare, and technology– all happening this week on FORA.tv. Join National Journal for a policy summit that will convene the nation’s top security, financial and insurance experts for a robust discussion concerning the future of the Terrorism Insurance Risk Act, or TRIA– a public-private cost-sharing agreement following the September 11 attacks. …

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Nov 11

This Week on FORA.tv: Analyzing the 2014 Midterms, Defense & Energy Policy, Frick Collection, the Right to Bear Arms

Here’s a preview of what’s happening this week on FORA.tv. Charlie Cook, National Journal political analyst and editor and publisher of The Cook Political Report, returns to FORA.tv in conversation with colleagues Jennifer Duffy and David Wasserman on the stories leading up to the 2014 midterm elections. The Cook team will take a closer look …

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Nov 04

This Week on FORA.tv: Frick Collection on Dutch Genre Painting, National Journal on the Next America

Here’s a look at what’s on this week on FORA.tv. Dutch genre paintings of the seventeenth-century show individuals in domestic settings going about their daily activities, such as letter writing, eating and drinking, or making music. Many of these seemingly straightforward scenes, however, contain a moral lesson that is difficult for us to decipher today. …

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Oct 12

Colorado Secession Movement Seeks a Split from Urban Influence

Not since 1863 when West Virginia split from Confederate Virginia has a new state been formed out of an existing one. But a group of 11 rural counties in northern Colorado are vying to make history this November with a vote on whether or not they should split and form the 51st state. Led by …

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Oct 07

This Week on FORA.tv: CityLab, The Big Picture, Distracted Driving, Biofuels Mandate, and More

Here’s a look at what’s happening this week starting on October 7 on FORA.tv. What if mayors ruled the world? It’s an idea we’ve presented to our audience on several occasions here at FORA.tv. This week join us for CityLab: Urban Solutions to Global Challenges, an event will bring together 300 global city leaders–more than …

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