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Jun 11

GSummit Live on Don’t Miss Smart Fun with Jane McGonigal and More

At this year’s GSummit: San Francisco, the gamification industry’s best thinkers and gamers will demonstrate how to mute the marketing noise and conquer low attention spans by bringing exciting, interactive design back to business. A gamified world–fully stocked with gizmos and goods like loyalty programs, prize purses, badges, iBeacons, and wearbles–is better at motivating everyone …

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Apr 30

What Does the Death of Net Neutrality Mean for You?

The principle that all content on the Internet is created equal, commonly known as Net Neutrality, took yet another serious blow last week with an Federal Communications Commission ruling that service providers like Verizon and Comcast can charge content companies for faster lanes of service. Critics of the ruling say it entrenches the idea of …

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Apr 01

Introducing Fwitter: Imagine Blended with Twitter

In 2009, we embarked on an ambitious project, re-imagining our videos as short bursts of vital information. We sought to blend the intelligence of programming with the rapid-fire burst of Twitter. Hence, Fwitter was born. Lots of late night whiteboard sessions took place brainstorming this bold experiment. Our crack team of talented product developers …

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Mar 26

Facebook Dives Into Virtual Reality with Oculus

Facebook is wasting no time in planning for what they think will be the future of social. First, they bought the cross-platform instant messenger WhatsApp back in February for a whopping $17 billion. Mark Zuckerberg said the acquisition would help his company “develop great new mobile services that give people even more options for connecting.” …

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Feb 20

Google Fiber Lays the Groundwork to Compete With Big Telecom

Google believes that consumers across the United States are hungry for fast Internet speeds–faster than what many Internet companies provide today. Not only does access to fast Internet spark innovation, drive economic growth, and improve education, Google says, it also is an essential part of the future of American infrastructure. Of course, fast Internet is …

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Feb 13

Net Neutrality Fight Sees Big Telecom Winning, Consumers Losing

Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider expanded its empire today with the purchase of Time Warner Cable, the nation’s second largest provider, to the tune of $45 billion in stock. The surprising merger had tech analysts buzzing this morning as to who will be the winners and losers in the deal, even though it was …

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Feb 11

The Edward Snowden Effect, Part II: NSA Leak Imperiled U.S. Security

A coalition of the world’s most influential technology companies and activist organizations may have Edward Snowden to thank today as they launched a fight against surveillance abuses by the National Security Agency. The Day We Fight Back is a movement that seeks to ride the same grassroots, social momentum used in the fight against SOPA/PIPA legislation in …

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Feb 10

The Edward Snowden Effect, Part I: NSA Leak Was Justified

Last summer when Edward Snowden unveiled a global spying apparatus run by the National Security Agency, he was immediately hailed as a hero by some and scorned as a traitor by others. His curious escape from the United States. a voyage that took him from a Hong Kong safe house to the transit terminal at …

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Feb 04

Facebook at 10: A Timeline of Achievement and Innovation

Happy 10th birthday, Facebook! The world’s most popular social network has come a long way since a young Harvard undergrad named Mark Zuckerberg launched a site out of his dorm room called “” on February 4, 2004. Back then, Friendster was the most popular social site, but an upstart called MySpace would soon dominate the …

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Jan 27

Sheryl Sandberg Goes to Hollywood: ‘Lean In’ Gets Movie Deal

It wasn’t a bad week last week for Sheryl Sandberg. First, she joined the ranks of one of the world’s billionaires, not only becoming one of the youngest but also one of only a handful of self-made women billionaires. Then a couple of days later Sony Pictures picked up the rights to the “Lean In” …

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