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Jun 11

GSummit Live on Don’t Miss Smart Fun with Jane McGonigal and More

At this year’s GSummit: San Francisco, the gamification industry’s best thinkers and gamers will demonstrate how to mute the marketing noise and conquer low attention spans by bringing exciting, interactive design back to business. A gamified world–fully stocked with gizmos and goods like loyalty programs, prize purses, badges, iBeacons, and wearbles–is better at motivating everyone …

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May 23

Now on WWD Beauty CEO Summit 2014

The beauty industry is undergoing a metamorphosis–shedding yesterday’s entrenched notions of brands, retailers, and consumers. This evolution is impacting everything from product development to marketing and requires new strategies for doing business. And the result? A more nuanced, modern approach to the global beauty industry. The WWD Beauty CEO Summit, held in Palm Beach, Florida, …

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May 05

New York Ideas 2014 Live on!

Join on May 6 as we present New York Ideas 2014; a gathering of cutting-edge innovators with a simple goal: to draw out the strands of genius from leaders whose work and passions are changing our world. Taking place at the New-York Historical Society, New York Ideas 2014 will bring together over 600 thought …

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Apr 30

What Does the Death of Net Neutrality Mean for You?

The principle that all content on the Internet is created equal, commonly known as Net Neutrality, took yet another serious blow last week with an Federal Communications Commission ruling that service providers like Verizon and Comcast can charge content companies for faster lanes of service. Critics of the ruling say it entrenches the idea of …

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Apr 29

Now on YouTube – Cannabis: Medical, Recreational and Legal

CannabisChannel is delighted to announce today the launch of a new channel on YouTube, Cannabis: Medical, Recreational and Legal.’s Cannabis Channel will present compelling conversations and debates with experts in the cannabis industry, showcasing original videos from Studios and those drawn from such conferences and events as the Aspen Ideas Festival, Commonwealth Club, …

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Apr 28

Weed Land Author Peter Hecht: Cannabis Transformed to Billion Dollar Retail Industry

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 5.26.27 PM Studios is pleased to present “Weed Land: Inside the Cannabis Industry” featuring an interview with Peter Hecht, author of Weed Land. The video is the fourth installment in the Studios original video series “Pot Goes Public.” The video series is also featured on the new YouTube channel “Cannabis: Medical, Recreational and Legal,” …

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Apr 19

420 National Weed Day as Pot Goes Public

Around the world today at 4:20 pm, the marijuana community will celebrate “420,” or National Weed Day, which takes place annually, appropriately on 4/20 — April 20. Another milestone as “Pot Goes Public.” 420 Celebrations With Colorado and Washington having passed marijuana legalization, and medical marijuana lawful in more then two dozen states, expectations are …

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Apr 16

420: Pot Goes Public — A Video Series from Studios Studios presents Pot Goes Public, an original video series in time for “420,” April 20th, or Marijuana Appreciation Day. The series features different perspectives on the budding business for legal marijuana featuring exclusive interviews with the emerging industry’s key players. Programs include exclusive interviews hosted by Michael Montgomery, reporter for The Center for Investigative …

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Apr 14

Oaksterdam University’s Dale Sky Jones: End of Pot Prohibition Equals a Huge Business Opportunity Studios is pleased to announce the debut of the video “Marijuana 101: Lessons from Oaksterdam” featuring an interview with Dale Sky Jones, Executive Chancellor of Oaksterdam University, an educational institution which provides training for the cannabis industry. The video is the third installment in the Studios original video series “Pot Goes Public.” End …

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Apr 08

Up For Debate: Millennials Don’t Stand a Chance

“How millennial are you?” That was the question leading into a 14-item Pew Research Center poll from 2010 on how close you were to identifying with the millennials– a demographic cohort that describes the generation born sometime after 1980 and up to the turn of the 21st century. Questions in the poll ranged from how …

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