Sep 18

Collapsing 4D Star Punches a Hole in the Big Bang Theory

Look out cosmologists, there’s a new theory that could promise to shake up our current understanding of how the universe came to be. Using a model that was proposed over a decade ago, Canadian scientists have recently put forth a model that demonstrates the universe isn’t the product of a singular event, commonly known as the Big Bang theory, but rather the collapse of a four dimensional star.

collapsing 4D star Big Bang theory

NASA illustration of what a 4D star might look like

Confused yet? If so, then check out the following article from NOVA that explains what a 4D star actually is, and what would happen if one were to collapse. The research provides a new understanding of where that initial patch of energy came from, the one that resulted in the Big Bang “explosion” and the universe’s subsequent expansion– a concept that has proved difficult for physicists to properly explain. The theory might also lead to eventually solving a few of the fundamental problems in physics surrouding the Big Bang, such as why the universe’s temperature is relatively uniform.

In the following video from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Marcus Chown makes another point about the Big Bang, arguing that as more and more ideas are “tacked on” to the original theory, it’s becoming apparent that there is “a really, really big idea missing,” but one that could be solved within the next decade.

What’s Wrong with the Big Bang Theory? from Australian Broadcasting Corporation on FORA.tv

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    1. mrdanneskjold

      god. it’s totally god.

      1. Superfluid

        Sweet Baby Jesus.

    2. Picked A Name

      from where those 4D star and blackhole came from

      1. mkylmamaa

        5D universe

        1. Ja_som_tu_najkrajsi

          after 5D are credits

    3. Mo86

      I’m sure the God-haters will run with this (whether it’s true or not or whether they understand it or not) and claim that it “proves” God doesn’t exist.

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