Jul 11

Real-Life ‘Jaws’ Video Shows What a Shark Attack Might Look Like

File this next one under fascinating yet slightly terrifying amateur wildlife films. The following clip was taken with a GoPro camera on the 4th of July just offshore Ocean City, Maryland, and shows an amazing performance by a  shortfin mako shark attempting to grab fish from a towed dredge.

The uploader says he was dragging his PelagicView dredge, an apparatus towed in open water just below the surface, in order to attract tuna. Little did he know he would get a lesson in marine biology, with the camera capturing the deft and agile movements of a mako in search of food.

In one of the most popular videos on FORA.tv in recent weeks, environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin appears on National Geographic Live to delve into how humans have viewed sharks throughout history, and explains why they are among the planet’s most feared and awe-inspiring creatures.

Juliet Eilperin: Demon Fish from National Geographic Live on FORA.tv

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