Mar 27

New Law Protects Monsanto, GMOs From Litigation

A small provision that slipped into last week’s Agricultural Appropriations Bill is raising the ire of food, health, and farming activists who see it frightening victory for Big Agriculture. Dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act” by opponents, it aims to shield biotech giants from litigation in the face of health risks associated with genetically-modified crops. Critics also say the provision was snuck in with the larger bill without appropriate review by congressional Agriculture and Judiciary Committees.

Today the International Business Times wrote a piece titled “5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision” which details what the protection act does; how Monsanto colluded with lawmakers to write the bill; and why President Obama seemed to do nothing to stop it.

If leadership in Washington decides to bend to the will of large multinationals like Monsanto, what can citizen activists do to take action? The following video clips demonstrate two schools of thought on the matter.

In the following segment from the Aspen Ideas Festival, UCLA assistant English professor Allison Carruth stresses her belief that environmentalists and organic food producers can actually learn from how Monsanto operates in order to further their own movements.

What Environmentalists Can Learn from Monsanto from The Aspen Institute and The Atlantic on FORA.tv

At the Houston Gluten Free Expo, farmer Grant Wilson says Americans can change their ’roundup ready’ food culture by simply voting with their wallets.

Changing America’s ‘Roundup Ready’ Food Culture from Gluten Free Society on FORA.tv

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    1. Ben perker

      i am sick of the word litigation!! please post something on how can we easily avoid the curse litigation?? Tax Deed.

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