Mar 25

IBM Chief Ginni Rometty: Corporate Responsibility Helps Drive Employee Growth

Though she’s only led IBM for a little over six months, Ginni Rometty has already positioned herself as a leader not only in business, but in corporate responsibility. A recent article in Bloomberg mentioned a talk that Rometty gave in front of the Council on Foreign Relations about her company’s efforts in corporate service. In her remarks, the IBM Chairman and CEO discussed the concept behind a new project that deployed over 100 company experts to work on projects in African cities ranging from water sanitation to health infrastructure.

But Rometty’s leadership in creating sustainable corporate service projects extend beyond just volunteer efforts in Africa–she has also applied similar ideas to meet the needs of American cities.

At the 8th Annual Board of Boards CEO Conference presented by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, Rometty talked about how the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge–an effort by the company to help make cities and city planning smarter and more effective–was well-received by employees who saw it as a valuable exercise in professional development. She also explained that IBM employees viewed the project as a way to further collaborative efforts in social responsibility.

Rometty & Prokopanko: CEO Excellence Awards Highlight from CECP on FORA.tv

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