Feb 07

Watch the Lean Startup Conference 2012 on FORA.tv

As the pioneer behind the Lean Startup movement, Eric Ries has challenged the way entrepreneurs allocate their resources when embarking on a new business. Through a process of building, measuring, and learning, startups can iterate their business models and move forward in an effective manner with the hope of eventually building a profitable, lean organization.

But Ries’ philosophy doesn’t just apply to small tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. Large companies and even the federal government are able to use lean startup concepts to create efficiency and eliminate waste.

Last month, the Lean Startup Conference 2012 brought together a number of different speakers from the private and public sectors to discuss effective strategies for organizational development and growth. Now, the conference is available on-demand at FORA.tv in partnership with Ustream. You can watch the first early morning session below, which starts with an introduction by Ries followed by a presentation from Todd Park, the Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

Video streaming by Ustream

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