Feb 22

Warby Parker Brings Style to Google Glass

Earlier this week, Google announced it was ready to test out a prototype of its eyewear Google Glass, the search giant’s plunge into wearable computing and augmented reality. Google Glass, developed by the same lab working on the driverless car, features a voice-augmented display with many of the same capabilities of a smartphone: check messages, shoot pictures, get directions, share video–putting a new spin on “in the blink of an eye.”

All this can be done hands-free, and the applications show up right in the wearer’s line of sight. Google released a promotional video showing how everything from skydiving to sitting in traffic will look through the glasses. With all the wobbly, Blair Witch Project style footage and heads-up display, Google might be revolutionizing the first-person perspective.

But the question is can Google match fashion with function?  So far, the company has only been able to master the cyborg-look.

To tackle the drawbacks, The New York Times reports that Google is working with Warby Parker, an e-commerce eyeglass company. The startup specializes in bringing stylish frames to the masses and has already shaken up the industry, undercutting big league competitors with variety and affordability.

Warby Parker’s go-getter take on digital makes it a liked-minded stylist for Google. But whether Google Glass makes the runway or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

Find out how Warby Parker took on Luxottica’s eyewear monopoly, and watch co-founder and CEO Neil Blumenthal talk about how the company has built its reputation on word-of-mouth and buzz marketing.

Warby Parker: Breaking up the Eyewear Monopoly from The Atlantic on FORA.tv

Warby Parker Generates Word of Mouth with NYPL ‘Hush Mob’ from Fairchild Fashion Media on FORA.tv


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