Feb 08

The Long Now Foundation: Easter Island’s Walking Statues

This week FORA.tv welcomed a number of armchair archaeologists who took time to check out the latest video from The Long Now Foundation on Easter Island’s famous monolithic structures. Commonly known as moai, these statues have fascinated scientists for years. However, one of the more intriguing questions is how did the ancient inhabitants of Rapa Nui (the Polynesian name for the island) move the moai from their construction sites to various points around the island?

Last year, National Geographic removed some of the mystery behind the moai in a special featuring¬†archaeologists Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo. The following video is a recent presentation at the Long Now Foundation by Hunt and Lipo that takes a even deeper look into their research on the “walking statues” of Easter Island.

The Statues Walked, What Really Happened on Easter Island from The Long Now Foundation on FORA.tv

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    1. Sharleen Carlan

      This is very interesting, more information on how the Moai walked on Easter Island,

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