Feb 01

Scandinavia Heats Up as an Innovative Model for Tech and Capitalism

This week’s cover story on The Economist highlights a special report on Scandinavia, and how the world consider looking at Nordic countries for ideas on how to foster innovation.

In one piece, the newspaper points to programs such as the cleverly-titled Start-Up Sauna– a business accelerator in Finland funded by government, academia, and the private sector that helps incubate entrepreneurial ideas.

We are all familiar with Angry Birds, the hugely popular video game franchise from Rovio Entertainment based in Espoo, Finland. So tremendous has the game’s influence been, that it threatened to eclipse the innovation of traditional console manufacturers such as Nintendo. The following video from the Technology Academy Foundation touches on a few of the other successes in recent years that have emerged from Finland and other parts of Scandinavia.

Next Decade Technologies: Pekka Lintu and Stig Gustavson from Technology Academy Foundation on FORA.tv

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