Feb 13

Obama & General Electric CEO: What’s Next for American Manufacturing?

Last night’s State of the Union by President Obama largely centered around economic themes, a number of which called for a reinvestment in American manufacturing. In one section of his speech, Obama hailed companies like Caterpillar, Ford, and Apple who have launched efforts to bring jobs back to the United States from overseas. He also cited new trends in manufacturing in economically depressed areas like Youngstown, Ohio, where a once-closed warehouse is now working on projects using additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing.

Obama’s nods to manufacturing efforts echoed the words of General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, who spoke with The Atlantic on how a reenergized¬†and technology-savvy American workforce have enticed his company.

CEO Jeffrey Immelt: Why GE Is Bringing Jobs Back to US from The Atlantic on FORA.tv

Immelt also talked about the potential of 3D printing and how such practices could be a “holy grail” for American manufacturing.

Jeffrey Immelt of GE: Why 3D Printing Is the Holy Grail from The Atlantic on FORA.tv

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