Feb 20

New Higgs Boson Calculations Could Spell Doom for Our Universe

On Monday, a theoretician at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory revealed some unsettling news from the latest research on the Higgs boson subatomic particle. Based on advanced calculations on the Higgs energy field, the universe is “inherently unstable” and at some point billions of years from now could be swallowed by the vaccum of an alternate universe– all of which could happen at the speed of light.

But this latest research on the Higgs boson doesn’t necessarily signify the end; at least, not yet from a literal point of view. As Columbia physics professor Brian Greene explained last year in front of an audience at the Aspen Ideas Festival, there are still a great many cosmic unknowns to discover before the life cycle of the universe catches up with us.

Hadron Collider: Solving the Great Questions of Physics from The Aspen Institute and The Atlantic on FORA.tv

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    1. James Thompson

      Why was this nonsense worth typing. The universe is unstable? So what?

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