Feb 13

John McCain: Tough Negotiations Ahead for Immigration Reform

Now more than at any point in his administration does President Obama have the political capital to broker a deal on immigration reform– a key issue among many voters who put him back into office in 2012. Desperately trying to rebrand themselves as an inclusive party, many Republicans have also embraced immigration reform as essential to not only their self-interest, but their survival as a party.

In his State of the Union address, Obama framed his ideas on immigration in a way that crosses the aisle and could pave the way for important legislation. However, there are a number of radicals in Congress who will certainly oppose reform, no matter what shape it takes.

Republican Senator John McCain, whose constituency in Arizona are key players in the immigration reform debate, warned an audience hosted by The Atlantic that negotiations could see push back on a particularly sensitive topic: the issuance of guest worker visas.

John McCain: Immigration Reform’s Most Difficult Issue from The Atlantic on FORA.tv

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    1. AZ WI

      Watch when all is said and done and it’s time for a vote. McCain will have gotten mad at something senseless, flip flopped and as usual he’ll vote with the extreme right wing. All this immigration talk by McCain is nothing more than blatant lies by a pathological liar, John McCain. John McCain is a racist and always been a racist. Dating back to 1988 McCain was one of a few senators that voted against the MLK Holiday. He’s a loud vocal supporter of AZ’s racist immigration bill. McCain even did a commercial with a racist AZ sheriff. They were standing by the border, when McCain stated, “well then build the DANG fence”! McCain has a voting record that’s ANTI Latino, Afro American, Native American, all people of color. He’s anti gays, women, heck McCain is even anti veterans (check his veterans voting record)! All McCain is for, are his wars of course and wealthy white men.


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