Feb 26

Influx of Cruise Ships Threaten City of Venice

Against the backdrop of gondolas that have navigated the canals of Venice for centuries comes a new type of waterborne craft that looms high over the city’s famous architecture. Over the last 15 years, cruise ship tourism has boomed in Venice, providing an economic boost to a country that is in dire need of income following a brutal recession.

But conservationists and environmental activists are worried that, despite the benefits from the influx of tourism, cruise ships are destroying Venice’s fragile harbor and ecosystem and could eventually affect the city itself. Though maritime disasters like last year’s Costa Concordia grounding off the coast of Tuscany offer cause for concern, the real impact is the gradual physical and cultural effect that cruise tourism has on popular destinations. The New York Times recently covered a similar story on Charleston, South Carolina, and a current battle over a proposed ship terminal that could bring in millions of dollars in revenue, but could also overwhelm the city.

In the following clip, Anna Somers Cocks, former Chairman of the Venice in Peril Fund, addresses how cruise planning is overlooked by the city’s current management plan.

Why Cruise Ships Are Ruining the City of Venice from World Monuments Fund on FORA.tv

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    1. stewkelly

      Balancing the need to accomodate tourism, and local businesses based on tourism, with environmental concerns will continue to be a challenge; especially in the economic doldrums the global economy is in. Wise planning involving all concerned stakeholders is a must if locales are to preserve their cultural heritage.

    2. Payhole Everdouche

      A Carnival Cruise Liner entering the Grande Canal in Venice is like an Elephant Penis penetrating a Rhesus monkey’s ass. The result is very painful and shrill to say the least.

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