Feb 19

In Memoriam: Howard Kantor, FORA.tv Director of Sales

Howard Kantor, director of sales (left), with CEO Blaise Zerega at the 2012 Event Marketers Summit. Howard passed away on Saturday; he was 55 years old.

It is with profound sadness that we at FORA.tv mourn the loss of our beloved friend and colleague Howard Kantor, who passed away this weekend after suffering a heart attack. Howard had joined FORA.tv last year as director of sales and was known for his infectious enthusiasm and dedication at work, a deep love for his wife Michelle at home, and energetic affection for his puppy, Bizou.

Before joining FORA.tv, Howard spent 15 years in leadership positions at MarkMonitor, an online security company, Montgomery Research, a market research firm, and Marcus Evans, a corporate hospitality organization. He was co-founder of Silver Bullet Express, a San Francisco-based courier service.

Howard Kantor at the 2012 Event Marketers Summit.

In his too short a time with us at FORA.tv, Howard helped bring a high-degree of professionalism to our sales organization with his mentoring and emphasis on fostering customer relationships.

He distinguished himself with his personal touch, helping each member of the FORA.tv sales team spot a connection between their career development and their life goals. He leaves behind a powerful legacy.

We will miss Howard dearly.

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    1. kyle

      Howard was a truly kind person. He never deviated from his positive attitude or his love of life, and he was always quick to share these qualities with others. He will be missed.

    2. Perry Brissette

      Howard was so much more than our Sales Director, my boss and colleague here at FORA.tv… He brought his whole spirit with him to everything he did… and he always encouraged me — and so many others — to align my passions in life with goals and efforts at work. This was his gift of mentorship and support that he so generously and willingly shared with others… And he always brought out a sense of light-hearted fun with his efforts… he exuded so much patience, always willing to lend an understand ear… He was my friend as well as my direct boss. Like all of us, I shall miss Howard profoundly.

    3. Anni Hechtner

      Howard was a wonderful person to be around, I only smile when remembering him. He brought a positive energy to work with him everyday that will be missed. He never missed a moment to ask me how my family was doing, and always left little dog treats on my desk for my puppy. It was incredible how much he loved his own dog, and even more how much he adored his wife, Michelle. I will definitely miss this guy!

    4. Eric Pfeiffer

      Howard was a good soul with a big heart who had just the right balance between business and pleasure. He arrived each day at work with a smile and a few kind words, and left the day the same way. His empathy extended beyond his fellow humans to all living creatures. He would never let a day go by without coming over to say hello (and offer a few treats) to my dog. I’ll miss him.

    5. Mishal

      We used to tease each other about our favorite football teams. It was a joy to see him when I arrived at the office each week. I will miss his smile and his laughter.

    6. Andrew Edwards

      Howard taught me a lot and I’m glad that I had a chance to work with him. He had a great sense of humor and a big heart.

    7. Shaun

      Howard was such a great guy and sported a smile every time we talked. I’ll miss you buddy!

    8. Michael

      Howard made fora more team , always focusing us on our common goal. You will be missed.

    9. Barbara North

      I always loved taking a moment to stop and chat with Howard in the elevator or getting coffee, or outside with Bizou. We would pitch back and forth crazy ideas for things we could build for the website, and how best to accommodate clients, or talk about travel plans or favorite trips. In just a few days I already feel his absence at those moments I am used to seeing him.

    10. Allan

      Howard always came up with something to make me smile, especially after I needed to walk on crutches. Very compassionate person and will definitely be missed.

    11. Michael Adrian

      Very sad news, Howard will be missed and is in our thoughts at FORA.

    12. Staci DeGagne

      Howard was always friendly and upbeat and it was always a pleasure to run into him in the office. His presence will surely be missed around here.

    13. Nick Ryan

      I confess didn’t know Howard well, but I he seemed like a kind person. Whenever I’d bring my dog by the office, Howard would always stop over to say hi and offer him a few treats. My thoughts are with his family.

    14. Jeff Troiano

      I worked with Howard at Montgomery Research. When things got dicey, as they often do in publishing, Howard stayed cool and positive. Always a pleasure to see Howard, anywhere, at work or cruising around Noe Valley on a sunny day, there’s a big hole where Howard was. One of the nicest guys I’ll ever know.

    15. Aaron Bachmann

      Very shocking and sad news. Howard, you will be missed.

    16. Don Mason

      I worked with Howard at MarkMonitor. He was calming force and will be deeply missed. My thoughts are with his family.

    17. bright mensah

      so sad.

    18. quercus

      If dude is the same HK I knew in high school in upstate NY in the ’70s (he appears to be in the pic), i can honestly say he was a sweetie even back then. He was loved by many at our party I mean boarding school! He wore long hair like many back then and was just mellow and cool. He was basically loving and lovable, traits most of us don’t experience in many people these days. Deepest condolences to his wife and family and pooch :) RIP Howie!!

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