Feb 05

Home Office Evolution: Walter Cronkite Previews 21st Century Technology

Just how accurate are technology forecasts? Let’s take a step back in time to 1967 and join Walter Cronkite as he demonstrates what home office technology might look like in the future in a program from CBS titled The 21st Century.

Along with previewing future technologies, Cronkite makes an interesting foreshadow at the end of the clip about the benefits of such advancements; people will no longer need to go to the office, but rather the office will go to them. Fast forward to a 2008 Aspen Institute event where Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg provided another forecast on how the personal computer has evolved.

In the following clip, Mossberg provides a brief history of the PC and suggests that such technology has peaked as we know it. Considering the proliferation of tablets and mobile devices we’ve seen over the last four years, is he on target or is the best yet to come from the PC?

Walt Mossberg Forecasts How the PC Will Evolve from The Aspen Institute on FORA.tv

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