Feb 18

For Now, a Nation Divided on Health, Obamacare

Has the Affordable Care Act helped Americans save on healthcare costs? A surprising report out of the Congressional Budget Office a few weeks back seems to make that suggestion according to a op-ed by Forbes contributor Rick Ungar, who says new data shows Obamacare might be pushing the cost curve downward.

Following his analysis of the data, Ungar poses a question to his readers: “Could this be enough to open people up to contemplating that there may just be other good news to come thanks to health care reform?”

UC Berkeley professor James C. Robinson analyzed public opinion on Obamacare at a recent UC Berkeley Extension event titled “Affordable Care Act: What Health Consumers Need to Know.” While the public is still fairly divided, Robinson said opinion could sway as Americans start to realize and become accustomed to the benefits of Obamacare.

A Nation Divided on Health and the Future of Obamacare from UC Berkeley Extension on FORA.tv

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