Feb 04

Cindy Gallop: Challenging Women to Speak Up Against Inequality

History has often painted Rosa Parks as a quiet, even diminutive player in the Civil Rights Movement– a woman who challenged discrimination by a simple refusal to give up her seat for white passengers because she was tired. However, her life was revisited as of late in a book by Jeanne Theoharis titled “The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks.”

Parks, who would’ve turned 100 years old today, was actually part of a calculated plan of resistance organized by the NAACP, who felt her determination would help blacks win in the fight against segregation. Her life shaped by decades of activism, Parks said this about her stance in Montgomery in 1955:  “I had felt for a long time, that if I was ever told to get up so a white person could sit, that I would refuse to do so.”

Fast forward to today and women like Cindy Gallop are challenging women to fight against another type of discrimination. Taking a page from the mindset of Rosa Parks, Gallop, who is founder & CEO of IfWeRanTheWorld,  challenged women to be assertive and determined when they see inequality in the workplace.

Cindy Gallop: When Given the Choice “Be the Bitch” from The 3 Percent Conference on FORA.tv

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