Feb 12

Celebrating Darwin Day: Evolution Is Not Up For Debate

Today we celebrate the life and work of Charles Darwin, who was born on this day in 1809 and who forever changed the way we look at the natural world. Though we generally laud advancements in scientific understanding, Darwin’s work on natural selection and evolution still polarizes many individuals who feel it undermines the nature of our being and existence.

Because evolution sparks such strong feelings about what should be taught in an educational setting, should it be up for debate? The answer is simply, no. Individuals like Zack Kopplin tirelessly stress the importance of teaching evolutionary science as well as warn about the encroachment of anti-science in the classroom. In the following video from the World Technology Summit, a panel of science writers and educators discuss how many politicians seems to move backwards when it comes to issues such as conception, evolution, and climate change.

Anti-Science and Politics: Evolution Not Up For Debate from The World Technology Network on FORA.tv

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