Jan 09

What Happens in Vegas: Day Two at the Consumer Electronics Show

Today we’re taking note of a couple of stories that emerged from Day Two of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

PC World reported on the conspicuous absence of Microsoft after the technology giant and the Consumer Electronics Association parted ways. Prior to the split, Microsoft held court in a central spot on the trade show floor, with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer often present as keynote speakers.

A CNET reporter took some time to wander outside the marquee booths in order to find out what was happening on the periphery of the trade show.

Amid the speculation of why Microsoft decided to ditch the CES is what comes next for Redmond. Could the company be sharpening their focus in order to create in-house announcements more along the lines of Apple or Google? Perhaps Microsoft’s new direction is a result of Ballmer’s vision to reenergize the company’s position as a multi-faceted innovator.

Ballmer: Microsoft Sees Opportunity in Hardware from Churchill Club on FORA.tv

Meanwhile, smaller companies like MakerBot put on an impressive display at CES that demonstrated how their popular 3D printers work. MakerBot put on a similar presentation in front of an audience at the World Technology Summit late last year.

Demo Presentation of MakerBot by Annelise Jeske from The World Technology Network on FORA.tv

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