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Top 10 FORA.tv Videos of 2012: #1 – 4-Hour Everything: How Tim Ferriss Tracks His Life’s Data

Today, millions of people around the globe will try and start healthy new habits and kick unhealthy ones to the curb; begin new exercise regimens; or commit to other adjustments whether it’s for financial, lifestyle, or professional reasons. Whether you call it a resolution, intention, or goal-setting, making lifestyle changes for the new year is one thing, but sticking to them is a whole other task in itself.

If you’ve ever had trouble achieving resolutions in the past, or are simply looking for new methods to help guide your goal-setting, lifestyle design expert Tim Ferriss might have a solution for you. Best known as the author of the 4-Hour Workweek and the 4-Hour Body, Ferriss has reached iconic, almost mythic, status by sharing the secrets to his success in business and through turning himself into a human guinea pig.

According to Ferriss, you can maximize your physical and mental potential through a variety of methods, the most important of which is by tracking daily habits. While he leads a balanced life, Ferriss keeps rigorous tabs on where he focuses his energies, whether it’s dealing with a client, learning a new skill, or making his cup of coffee in the morning. His recent book, the 4-Hour Chef, tackles how to cook like a professional and is the latest addition to his empire of lifestyle outsourcing, experimentation, and enhancement.

Ferriss joined WIRED journalist Clive Thompson on stage at this year’s WIRED Health Conference: Living By Numbers in order to discuss how he tracks his life, including some peculiar yet effective methods that he has employed with great success.

To end our countdown, the #1 video in the FORA.tv Top 10 for 2012 is the 4-Hour Everything: How Tim Ferriss Tracks His Life’s Data.

4-Hour Everything: How Tim Ferriss Tracks His Life’s Data from WIRED on FORA.tv

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