Jan 28

This Week on FORA.tv: Promise of America, Frick Collection, NRA

Here’s a preview of what’s happening this week on FORA.tv:

A protracted economic downturn; a deepening debt crisis; and a lack of confidence in Washington leadership has created uncertainty among many Americans. Coupled with instability in Europe and a fear that rising powers may eclipse the United States, are we as a country still able to come together and do great things? The George Washington University will examine this issue in a unique role-play and debate scenario titled “Out of Time: An American Crisis.”

Watch “Out of Time: An American Crisis” on Tuesday, January 29, at 4:00pm PST.

Jonathan Marsden, Director of the Royal Collection in London, will join the Frick Collection in a lecture on the significance of three life-sized bronze busts created by the great Italian Renaissance portraitist Leone Leoni. Commissioned in 1555, the busts depict the Duke of Alba, Hapsburg emperor Charles V and the emperor’s son, Philip II of Spain. Marsden will discuss how George IV (who acquired the busts in 1825) turned these symbols of power into trophies of war.

Watch “Portrait as Trophy: Three Imperial Busts by Leone Leoni” on Wednesday, January 30, at 3:00pm PST.

As the gun control debate heats up, pro- and anti-gun advocates have begun to descend on Washington to lobby Congress. The National Rifle Association, the most visible and powerful gun rights organization, has put itself into the middle of the debate– and not without controversy. Journalists at the Monitor Breakfast this week will question David Keene, President of the NRA, on a wide range of topics concerning gun control.

Watch the Monitor Breakfast with NRA President David Keene on Wednesday, January 30. (DATE CHANGE: THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 31.)

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