Jan 09

Preservation in North America: A Journey Down the Spine of a Continent

We stumbled across this inspirational video featuring Kevin Russ, a traveling photographer who has spent much of the past year documenting the American West with only his iPhone camera.

Kevin Russ | A Traveling Photographer from Max Monty on Vimeo.

The beauty seen in Russ’s photographs is just another reminder of why conservation efforts are so critical in protecting wilderness areas in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Mary Ellen Hannibal is an author who has taken the lead in documenting such efforts, including a movement called the “Spine of the Continent.”¬†Arguably one of the single most important conservation projects in North America, Spine of the Continent pairs scientific foundations with grassroots organizers in order protect an area from extending from the Canadian Yukon to the Yucatan Peninsula.

At the California Academy of Sciences, Hannibal offered a fascinating presentation on the science behind the project as well as stories from a few of the people she met in her journey down the spine of North America.

The Spine of the Continent: Wildlife from Yukon to Mexico from California Academy of Sciences on FORA.tv

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