Jan 30

Open Letter to President Obama Calls for a ‘Second Giant Leap for Mankind’

Meet Zack Kopplin, the 19-year activist from Louisiana who has been raising proverbial hell in a battle against creationists in his state over their desire to introduce books on “intelligent design” into science classroom. Since 2008, Kopplin has testified on numerous occasions in an effort to repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act, the state’s law on creationism in schools.

Now a student at Rice University, Kopplin has continued to take the initiative in defense of science. He recently wrote an open letter to President Obama for the Huffington Post and called for a ‘Second Giant Leap for Mankind’ that would echo President Kennedy’s vow to put men on the Moon. Kopplin called for a change surrounding politics in science education, especially those efforts that try to undermine evidence-based curriculums, and for an ambitious investment into basic scientific research.

In the following video from Chatham House, Brian Cox of the University of Manchester explains the benefits of funding scientific research and the amazing results that can come from such projects.

Brian Cox: In Defense of Science Funding from Chatham House on FORA.tv

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