Jan 25

Obama to Set Agenda for Immigration Reform in Speech

The White House announced that President Obama will kick off plans for immigration reform next week in Nevada, again setting the tone for what is already proving to be a busy second term. His speech comes two years after outlining a previous agenda for immigration, which was shelved because the administration believed Congress would offer unsurmountable resistance.

Battered in the 2012 election because they failed to gain inroads with Latinos, Republicans will probably do more to work with Obama and congressional Democrats this time around.

In a look back at last year’s Democratic National Convention, Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders predicted that a reelected Obama would push for immigration reform. At the same time, the panel stressed that any agenda would also require support from congressional Republicans, which they explain in more detail in the following clip from The Atlantic and the National Journal.

A Reelected President Obama Will Reform Immigration from National Journal and The Atlantic on FORA.tv

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