Jan 11

Next Week on FORA.tv: Israel vs. Iran, Frick Collection, Sustainable Corporations

Take a look at what’s happening next week on FORA.tv:

Iran continues to exist as a pariah in the Middle East, with allegations by the West that accuse Tehran of directly exporting illegal arms and terrorism. Of more concern is the country’s nuclear ambitions. As the United States and Europe attempt to isolate Iran through economic sanctions, Israel has weighed using military force in order to prevent Iran from going nuclear.

But could Israel simply live with a nuclear Iran instead? That question is up for debate at next week’s Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates on Wednesday, January 16th at 3:45pm PST.

Vincent van Gogh’s move the South of France in 1888 inspired him to revisit themes from his years in Holland such as the changing of the seasons and the lives of laborers. He was also influenced by a new admiration for Japanese art. A combination of these two themes led him to create paintings that were distinctly more modern than his previous work. Join the Frick Collection on Wednesday, January 16 at 3:00pm EST for a look at Van Gogh’s work during this period in a lecture titled “Patience Escalier: Peasant à la Japonaise.”

Also, don’t forget to join us for a special lecture on corporate sustainability by UC Berkeley Extension on January 17.

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