Jan 08

Must-Have Tech in 2013: Smart Thermostats from Nest Labs

Today marked the start of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a number companies unveiling their latest and and greatest products to the public. Forbes posted a recap of Day One and featured a blurb on small newcomer to the technology scene that could make a huge impact in homes around the United States.

Nest Labs is seeking to replace those tired old manual and digital thermostats with a system that will help better regulate a home’s energy system. The company’s Nest Thermometer draws inspiration from Apple products with a innovative and easy-to-use design, and users can control and monitor a home’s temperature from the Nest app on iOS or Android smartphones. But sleek looks aside, the most important aspect of Nest’s technology is the thermostat’s ability to regulate household temperature by “learning” how much energy is used day to day, and then making the necessary adjustments.

At last year’s Big Science Summit from The Atlantic, Yoky Matusoka of Nest Labs explained how she drew upon her background in robotics and neuroscience to design the Nest Thermometer.

Home Robotics: How the Smart Thermostat Will Save Energy from The Atlantic on FORA.tv

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