Jan 03

Khan Academy to Launch Pilot in Idaho Public Schools

If a revolution in education is to happen in the United States this year, you might see it unfold in Idaho. An article in last week’s San Francisco Chronicle reported that the Khan Academy, the online non-profit educational program, has arranged to offer classes in about two dozen Idaho public schools starting in the fall.

Since founding the Khan Academy as a full-time project in 2009, Sal Khan, a former hedge fund analyst and MIT and Harvard grad, has worked with his team to post over 3000 instructional videos on YouTube. Students can learn anything from basic arithmetic to college level courses in economics and scienceРand the videos are wildly popular with over 4.2 million unique views per month. The Khan Academy will work with several Idaho-based educational institutions in order to track and measure how primary and secondary school students take to this new type of learning experience.

At the 2012 Social Innovation Summit, Khan talked about the future of personalized education and how affordable online classes could empower students to learn and grow for the future.

Sal Khan: Making Personalized Education Possible from Social Innovation Summit on FORA.tv

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