Jan 15

Keep ‘Em Gaming By Guessing: Google’s Puzzle Challenge

As if we needed more distractions on the internet. Google has been advertising its “A Google A Day” puzzle game on various YouTube videos as of late in order engage more users on its Google+ social networking platform.

Offering rewards in the form of badges, points, as well as bragging rights within your circles, the puzzle is touted as a match between your brain, Google search, and your friends:

At last year’s Gamification Summit, Nadya Direkova, Senior UX Designer at Google, offered some insight on what designers can do to boost the popularity of their gaming platform. Direkova explained what type of gaming techniques can help motivate user engagement to try a product or invite friends to come back and play.

Google Senior Designer: Generating Interest in Your Game from The Gamification Summit on FORA.tv

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