Jan 21

How Women Can Rethink Work-Life Balance

Can women have it all? It’s a question that has generated a lot of discussion since Anne-Marie Slaughter took on the issue last year in an editorial for The Atlantic. As women continue to advance in the workplace in leadership roles as well as by forming the backbone of the American workforce, finding ways to strike a work-life balance will become all the more important.

At last week’s 4th Annual Womensphere Global Summit hosted by Womensphere, women leaders in a number of disciplines joined to discuss what kinds of positive impacts are being made and seen in today’s industries. In one session, Perry Yeatman, author of Get Ahead by Going Abroad, took on the work-life debate and offered advice for women who are considering a range of options on life paths both inside and outside the workplace.

‘Can Women Have It All?': Rethinking Work-Life Balance from Womensphere on FORA.tv

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    1. Reem Boudraa

      The new year is a time for reflection and new resolutions for working women. Here are 6 ways to achieve a better work-life balance in 2013: http://blog.bayt.com/2012/12/six-ways-to-improve-your-work-life-balance-in-the-new-year/.

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