Jan 11

Golden Globe Awards Airs This Sunday, Django Unchained vs. Lincoln

The Golden Globe Awards air this Sunday and, as it does each year, reveals the themes and stories that have most captured the Foreign Press Association members and are likely to do the same for those in Oscar’s academy.

Two movies up for Best Motion Picture tackle the issue of slavery and yet couldn’t be more different in cinematic sensibilities, historical accuracy and their comments on the current state of race relations in America.

The difference between the two comes down to black and white. Quentin Tarantino’s brutal violence, which still manages to be glorified and stylized, focuses on the horrific slave experience and the black man’s revenge against his fair-skinned masters. Steven Spielberg’s historical drama takes the opposite tack, focusing on the politics, the guilt and the ego of those in positions of power to set Tarantino’s souls free.

Both films help, in their own way, to explain one of the worst chapters in America history. Below, I’ve pulled two FORA.tv programs. The first adds some context to Spielberg’s film, which did an admirable job revealing Lincoln’s complex attitude toward slavery. The second brings the slavery question up to date just as Tarantino’s anachronisms do (right down to the blasting soundtrack).

Henry Louis Gates: Lincoln for Abolishment, not Equality from The Aspen Institute on FORA.tv

Jodi Cobb: Human Bondage from National Geographic Live on FORA.tv

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