Jan 10

For Americans Under 50, Poorer Health and Shorter Life Expectancies Are Par for the Course

A new analysis of health data in the United States revealed grim statistics for Americans under the age of 50, according to a report released by Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council. Compared to populations in developed countries, younger Americans have a higher mortality rate and shorter lifespans due to a range of factors such as violent and health-related deaths, drug abuse, and car accidents.

Americans also ranked near the bottom compared to their counterparts in a range of other categories such as infant mortality, teen pregnancy, diabetes, and sexually transmitted diseases. The report contained only a few bright spots, and even those concerned managing treatable morbidities such as high blood pressure and cholesterol or detecting cancer.

Researchers said the findings pointed to “fundamental problems” in preventative care and public health. Thomas R. Frieden, the current Director of the Centers for Disease Control, described the U.S. healthcare system as being in “critical condition” at a Chautauqua Institution event in 2008.

Dr. Frieden on the Disgrace of US Health Care System from Chautauqua Institution on FORA.tv

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