Jan 08

Donald Rumsfeld Would Like to Wish Elvis Presley a Big Happy Birthday

Down at Graceland today, hundreds of Elvis Presley fans from as far away as Japan and Brazil sang “Happy Birthday” to the late rock ‘n’ roll icon on the day he would have turned 78.

One of those, at least in spirit, wishing the King good tidings is none other than Donald Rumsfeld, the political bulldog and former U.S. secretary of defense, who isn’t exactly known for living the Viva Las Vegas lifestyle.

But, apparently, when Sammy Davis Jr. works his magic, when Elvis throws Rumsfeld’s wife a scarlet scarf, when the political heavyweight is cornered by the big man himself, magic can happen:

Donald Rumsfeld on Meeting Elvis Presley, Sammy Davis Jr. from National Constitution Center on FORA.tv

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